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Secret Nashville

How do you get the most out of your time in Nashville? Why not ask a Nashvillian what to see and do? There is always something happening in Nashville to suit everybody's tastes, the most difficult part is finding everything as sadly some of the best local attractions and popular activities aren't highly publicized to visitors.

To help you find some of Nashville's best kept secrets we've asked our team of Nashville natives to recommend their favorite places to visit in Nashville.

Top Hidden Nashville Attractions

Here's a list of the top suggestions from the team.

Bluebird Cafe

Bluebird Cafe is the perfect place if you're looking to relax while listening to some good country music. Even Bluebird is known to be a bar, numerous songwriters and artists often come here to entertain the public. You can also choose from a large variety of cocktails, spirits or coffees. The venue has more than 100 seats. One small disadvantage is that the tickets for any concert are available only on the internet. Drinks prices are quite affordable and when there's no artist performing the entrance is free. It is the one of the best ways of spending time with your family and friends in a pleasant manner.

Lane Motor Museum

Lane Motor Museum is not an ordinary car show. This museum houses the largest collection of European cars. The good thing about it is that you can find cars dating from more than 100 years ago, but you can also find cars dating from less than 1 year. One impressive thing is that all the cars were reconditioned and now they are in excellent shape. There are a variety of motorcycles, bicycles, cars, vans and folding utility vehicles, which makes the museum the perfect destination if you're a car enthusiast. An adult has to pay $10 to gain full access to the museum.

Warner Parks

Warner Parks, or locally known as Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, spread on an area of 2,600 acres. Actually there are two parks, situated one next to the other and they are commonly known as Warner Parks. The parks have numerous paved trails which makes them the perfect location for a bicycle ride. There are also specially designed playgrounds for kids and areas where you can set up picnics. The area is really quiet with no traffic around it. It represents a good way of relaxing, especially if you're a nature lover; you might get to see some birds or squirrels around. The access to the park is free for everyone.

General Jackson's River Cruise

General Jackson is a ship used for cruising on the Cumberland River. The ship has been launched in 1985. At this moment it serves only as an entertainment ship. During the cruise you'll be able to admire the spectacular view offered by Cumberland River. Usually there are also artists who perform on the ship's stage, meaning that you'll listen to a lot of country music during the ride. If you're getting hungry you can have a quick snack while on board. The combination between country music and the relaxing sound of the river makes this journey a really special one.

Opryland Hotel Gardens

During your stay in Nashville it is mandatory to see something truly unique. Opryland Hotel decided to combine the beauty of nature with the luxury of a hotel. The hotel has 6 floors and more than 2,000 rooms, but the most impressive thing is represented by the gardens. It's like having your very own botanical gardens with a small river, fountains, waterfalls and various species of plants. All these under one roof; just like a giant greenhouse. Everyone has access, not only the hotel clients. You can come here and relax at one of the outdoor restaurants or simply admire the beauty of this place.

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